Golf’s Groupon Is Finally Here

by Jon Birdsong on February 17, 2012

I’ve been anticipating the moment when golf has a Groupon style website servicing thousands of golfers offering us the best-of-the-best deals. It’s finally arrived.

Last week I had an enjoyable lunch with the two gentlemen behind Shotly. The business model behind Shotly is replicated in many industries where bulk buys of inventory are offered to an aggregate of consumers at a significant discount in return for marketing exposure.

I like Shotly because they’ve got smart technologists behind the site as well as deep experience in other industries offering a similar service. They’ve also done an extremely great job on the brand and design. The user experience is pretty clean, however, they push hard on acquiring your email address — as in make you offer it. The email is definitely the key resource in this business model, so it makes sense on the high priority, however I predict that will turn off a lot of potential users. I don’t mind giving mine because I’ve met these guys, they’re business men, and they care about providing value to golfers.

My biggest concern is if there’s enough product and supply for the market. For example, works well because there is a plethora of designers always creating pieces, art work and everyday cool things. In golf, there’s is only a limited number of golf ball, golf club, and golf shoes suppliers and manufacturers.

One thing is for certain, there’s never a limited supply of golfer’s trying to get better which focused our lunch discussion on how premium instruction could be also be packaged up and offered at a significant discount.

Either way, I’m optimistic about the future of golfers receiving discounted golf supplies and instruction. Take a look at the site and give it a try when you have a moment, there’s something beautiful about teeing up on the first tee, unwrapping a brand new Pro-v and not worrying about losing it because you know the place to get them on the cheap.

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Rachel@myPinsight February 22, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Good luck Shotly! There is also a company called FreeBirdie that I’ve seen doing similar stuff. Pinsight is another tool to help grow the game and market golf courses specifically!

Russell March 2, 2012 at 11:35 am

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for your well wishes! I will definitely take a look at Pinsight.
Thanks again Jon!


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