Hit a Driver Like a Boss | The Setup

by Jon Birdsong on September 16, 2012

The driver is a popular club, how to hit a driver correctly isn’t as easy as one may think. Used approximately 10-14 times in the round, it’s a club that can make a round miserable or smooth walking. Most holes begin with an undressed head cover, and the driver ready to rock’n'roll. This post explores how to hit a driver like a boss — focusing on the setup. A good drive can set up an easy birdie or it can send you into a prickly, wild goose chase. Whether at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, where you must keep it in the fairway or at Merion Golf Club where mastering how to putt will keep your scores low and you sane, every skill is tested in the game of golf. This post we look at everything from how to hold a tee to the beginning of your takeaway and everything in between. After reading, you’ll know the beginning steps to hit a driver like a boss.

The Tee

This is the average size of a golf tee. They’re pretty simple: most are white, some have stripes, wording on them, and can even be plastic. Below is an image of a traditional golf tee. Before the advent of the wooden tee, golfer’s used to tee off by packing sand together!

How to hit a driver | the golf tee

How to Hold a Golf Tee

Holding a golf tee is performed by putting the tee in between your index and middle finger and steading it with your thumb. Below is a good example:

how to hold a golf tee

Putting a Golf Tee in the Ground

Putting a golf tee in the ground takes some getting used to. A good way to get the right height is to use your pinky. Depending on your club, you’ll want to tee the ball at the appropriate height.

Teeing up a golf ball

The Average Tee Height

The best tee height for the driver is where approximately half of the ball is above the face of the driver when it’s rested at address. Each tee height depends on the club, type of shot, and weather conditions. The image below is a good tee height to start.

The Tee Height

Hit a Driver Like a Boss | The Ball and Hand Position

The ball position should be just inside your front foot. The width of your stance should be slightly wider than your shoulders, and your hands should be inside your front thigh.

The Takeaway 

We’re not diving deep into the driver swing on this post, however one key important starting point is the takeaway. Every great driver of the golf ball takes back the driver low. In the image below, you can observe that even though the club may be 2-3 feet from the ball, it’s still very low to the ground. This is a good start as you begin to hit the drive farther and straighter.

How to hit a driver | the take away

The Conclusion

Hit a driver like a boss: it’s harder than most think. However, taking a few simple and easy steps to make sure you’re on the right path will lead to more consistent drives. If you tee the ball at the right height, make sure you have the proper stance, and start with a low takeaway, you’ll be on the right path to farther and straighter drives. We’re just breaking the surface on hitting a driver like a boss. In the mean time, sign up to receive tips via email.


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